Secure, hygienic and fully audited till cash handling

CashConnect removes the need for staff to handle customer notes and coins.

Instantly improve your till cash handling hygiene, loss prevention strategies and reduce cash office investigations

CashConnect is a compact, all-in-one counter-top device ensuring easy customer access, with pay-in and pay-out managed by staff via a mobile tablet device.

Targeting loss prevention, CashConnect uses latest technology cash recycling devices and full transaction auditing to improve everyday cash accounting.

CashConnect ROI is achieved by a combination of greater cash accuracy at the till and improved speed of cash office reconciliation.

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How CashConnect Works

The CashConnect device can be placed anywhere in your checkout space to facilitate customers paying with cash. Your till staff simply operate CashConnect with the mobile tablet application from a safe distance.

Step 1

Enter required pay in value

Till staff enter the required value into the tablet app when customer is paying with cash.

Step 2

CashConnect is activated

The required payment amount is shown on the hi-resolution customer display screen built into CashConnect.

Step 3

Customer pays with notes or coins

Customer pays in notes and/or coins into CashConnect and any change is dispensed automatically.

The CashConnect Range

CashConnect can operate in many scenarios, equally at home in front or behind the checkout, there are unique benefits and features that complement either deployment.

Compact overall footprint
Increased till cash handling speed
Save cash reconciliation time
Reduced Cash Shrinkage
Secure internal cashbox
Full cash transaction auditing
Protect against fraud

CashConnect Pricing

With a simple and affordable pricing model, CashConnect is an investment and benefit to all retailers, big or small. Contact us to discuss more customised options.

£3.65 / day

  • £111.00 per month
  • 48 month term
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